Our Company, MEPET Ltd. was founded in January, 2001. Since then, we have estabilished more than 100 drying plants in Hungary and amassed a huge amount of experience. In 2009, we had built Hungary's currently biggest, most powerful to our knowledge drying plant (44 t/h with maize - 10% moisture removal).

Our main activities include trading of agricultural machinery, especially drying technology (drying equipment, cleaners, handling equipment, etc.) and planning and implementing grain elevators.

We can meet all demands comprehensively - from small farms to larger enterprises.

The basic assets of our product line are the equipments, manufactured by the German company PETKUS Technologie GmbH, most importantly drying equipment with flow capacities varying from 5 th/ to 44 t/h.

MEPET Ltd. is the leading dealer of PETKUS products in Hungary.

These products conform the strictest EU and International quality and environment standards. The usage of the latest technology allows for easy equipment handling.

On the exhibition "Agro+Mashexpo 2009" the PETKUS drying equipment, traded by MEPET Ltd., received an innovation award.

In addition, our company is the Hungarian exclusive dealer of products manufactured by the Finnish company MEPU. Their most popular product in Hungary are the mobile grain dryers. The flow capacity of these dryers vary from 1,6 t/h to 12 t/h felxibly, and can satisfy demands. In particular energy-efficient and environmental-friendly operation makes these products economical and widely popular.

Handling and conveying equipment of grain elevators (chain conveyors, conveying belts, bucket elevators), special treatig equipment (cleaners, batch treaters, chemical treaters) and storage facilities (silos, transit bins, seed storage) complete the supported product range of MEPET Ltd.

Moreover, our relationship with the Cimbria Group and Vogel & Noot is noteworthy as well.

If necessary, we are able to provide help with tender documentation or seeking out financing solutions.

EN ISO 9001:2009 certified quality management system ensures quality service for our customers.

Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Mór út 116
Tel: 22/504-664
Fax: 22/504-665 nasha kompaniya
E-mail: mepet@mepetkft.hu