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MEPU M 150-300k

The Mepu mobile dryer is a warm-air dryer movable from place to place if needed.

The Mepu mobile dryer is a silotype, automatically controlled dryer unit equipped with ridged drying cells, elevator, pre-cleaner, furnace, feeding rolls and a conical base.

The Mepu mobile dryer is delivered ready to use. After the electricity and oil supply lines are connected on the site the drying can begin in an instance.

As a result of extensive and profound product development the Mepu mobile dryers are carefully tested and utmost reliable. They have been tested in technical institutes in Finland, Sweden and Russia. Each and every dryer is thouroughly tested at the factory before being shipped to the customer.

Mepu mobile dryers are cell-type silodryers built on wheels. The main advantages of a mobile dryer compared to a traditional stationary one are price, height, efficiency and easier applicability. Mobile dryers are delivered to the customer electrified and test ran. Upper structures, conveying screws and feeding chute are easy to install at the site. Only couplings for electricity and oil are delivered by the customer. Detailed operating and maintenance manual as well as personal supervision on the technical details and commissioning are also included in the delivery.

Mepu Oy is continously developing its products and reserves the right for changes.
MEPU M 150-300k