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Chemical Seed Treater Type CT 1-10

PETKUS Chemical Seed Treater Type CT 1-10 (Coating Machines) are machines for the chemical treatment of seeds and fully tested for use with approved liquid and slurry chemicals.
Treating applications:
- Most seed types including wheat, barley, oats and cotton,
- Other specialty seeds such as canola, sugarbeet etc.

- Continuous and reliable operation.
- Easy handling and adjustment of the machine.
- Undoubtely and homogenuous mixing operation due to precise primary distribution of the chemical and effective mixing in the secondary mixing unit.
- Precise dosing of the liquid chemical (i.e. based on manufacturer recommended volume).
- Fine spraying of the chemical by use of the spraying disc, no blockage.
- Uniform distribution of the chemical on the seed corn based on multible and careful contact with the chemical liquid.
- Incorrect treatment of seed corn will be avoid due to integration of automatically control system by sensors.
- Preventing of intermixing in case of change of the seed products based on complete empty run of the machine and self cleaning function.
- Solid and rigid construction of the machine.
- Totally closed construction
- Equipment with one pump for the chemical.
- Stainless steel for parts which are in touch with the chemical product.
- The compact design allows the machine to be easily installed in most seed plants.
Chemical Seed Treater Type CT 1-10